Learn about the specifics of the company’s work and the production of the specials trailer

Nooteboom is a rapidly developing company specializing in the sale of semi-trailers, or the so-called specials trailer, semi-trailer-platforms, trawls, and other machinery for the transportation of super-heavy and oversized cargoes weighing up to 1,000 tons, as well as lifting equipment and rigging equipment for intra-plant and intra-port use, for cargoes and equipment over 500 tons.

Types of special equipment

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In order to transport certain types of oversized cargoes, a specialized type of freight vehicles may be required. Among such vehicles, semi-trailer platforms are included and a low-bed platform (a low-profile trawl or a low-bed trawl), which are a specialized type of cargo equipment designed to transport heavy non-standard goods. The use of a low-bed platform in the progressive foreign countries has long been considered an indispensable part for transporting oversized cargoes for short and long distances. Most transport companies are now able to offer their customers transportation services for oversized cargoes by using just this type of transport as a cargo low-bed platform.

Low-bed semi-trailer platform is a very complex and technically thought-out mechanism, so if you decide to buy special equipment, you need to pay attention to all the smallest design features of a particular product.

It has everything you need to carry out the transportation of bulky goods or work with the use of special equipment, whether it is a low-profile trawler, a modular semi-trailer, a semi-trailer platform or a mobile crane.

Objectives of the company

The company’s goal is long-term cooperation with each client and, therefore, they offer an ideal price-quality ratio for products and services. For a detailed introduction to the technology, you can visit the company’s website and choose equipment in the future that will help you accomplish your tasks. In addition to the low-frame technology such as “low-bed platform”, there are platforms equipped with various types of auxiliary equipment. Before selling all the equipment that was previously in operation, it is thoroughly inspected, so you can be sure of the quality of the purchased goods even if they are used.

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