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Shippers stevedoring company – what is it?

Shippers stevedoring la Porte TX is one of the most famous profile companies today. It has a lot of successful transactions, completed projects and promising initiatives related to this area.

Who is a stevedore?

Lifting of cargo at the port is carried out by a stevedoring company. Stevedore – a legal entity engaged in loading and unloading operations in the port. The company provides such services, having repeatedly demonstrated in practice the high quality and responsible attitude to business.

Before loading the cargo onto the ship, a cargo plan should be drawn up, which indicates the location of each container on the ship. Stevedore conducts reconciliation of the time of work together with the captain of the vessel. At the end of the loading work, the stevedore should report to the duty dispatcher.

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The responsibilities of the stevedore:

  • unloading cargo from ship to berth
  • transportation of goods to and from the warehouse
  • loading of cargo on the recipient’s vehicle
  • transportation of cargo to the vessel
  • ship loading
  • drawing up a cargo handling plan
  • execution of the necessary documents required for delivery and acceptance of cargo.

When transporting goods by sea, regardless of what kind of cargo and to which port you want to arrange delivery, a competent choice of stevedore will allow you to be confident in the safety of your cargo.

Ports management

Port management forms influence the way stevedoring companies are managed. Ports may belong to the state, run by municipalities, managed by public companies. The board of directors of the latter includes representatives of government bodies, shipping, railway, pilotage, and other companies. Combinations of various forms of management can also be used, for example, in a joint-stock company that manages the port of Genoa, 50% of the shares belong to the state, 25% to managing personnel, and 25% – to dockers.

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Stevedoring companies are specialized enterprises that may belong to the private or public sector or be mixed ownership.

For the ship owner, it is most advisable if the stevedoring company is owned by him or controlled by him.

Stevedoring companies in foreign ports may have only foremen in their ranks, and before the ship’s approach, the dockers’ port pool, which is controlled by the union, can be ordered. In some ports (Rotterdam, Antwerp) there are permanent and pool dockers.