A new strategy of China shipyards to save the oil rigs prices

What is a decision? Oilrigs at a discount?

There is a great problem with an oilrig business. How to build an oilrig if the customers cannot afford it? China rig facilities were trying to find a decision, which can satisfy both sides. There were cases when the customers canceled the contracts because of too low oil prices. They just did not know how to get money for the shipyard. The clients were really afraid of the threats of another slump.

Chinese shipyards found a decision for the oilrigs sale, after which every client could say ‘WOW!’. They are not going to sell any facilities at a discount or at prices lower than it is pointed in the contract. The specialists assure that the best decision is to organize a joint venture together with the shipyard until the cost of the facility is earned back. There is one more way to solve the problem. The shipyard can lease the offshore oilrig, which is designed for sale. After some time, the company can have a subsequent purchase opportunity. As a result, the shipyards can save their money and support the oil production companies in the period of crisis.

Chinese shipyards

mining rig

China shipyards are one of the leaders in the production of oilrigs. In 2016, they produced up to 60% of the total amount of facilities all over the world. They work to provide the companies all over the globe with the appropriate high-quality constructions.

The current situation with oil

The situation with oil prices is not stable yet. Being one of the most important natural resources for all the world countries, it provokes lots of worries when it comes to the instability. The vital thing is that the supplies of oil are limited. Every nation struggles to control the existent natural resources in order to have more power.

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The specialists assure that it is important to cooperate. The companies from every part of the globe should unite in exploration and application of oil natural resource.

The greatest problems occurred in 2016-2017. The prices were very low. Besides, the society saw a very sharp decrease in the cost. It was a key reason for worries, while the companies stopped purchasing and constructing the rigs because of such a threat.

The current situation became a bit better. However, there are still lots of concerns about the oil future. The prices keep changing. Certain problems should still be solved by the oil companies as soon as possible.