Subtleties of bamboo composite flooring

How justified is the choice in favor of bamboo composite? Consider all the pros and cons of such a solution.

The production of flooring made of bamboo is not at all a know-how. Indeed, in Asia, bamboo is a natural and quickly renewable natural resource, and therefore traditionally and generously presented in the decoration of residential spaces.

brown wooden board

However, modern industry has proposed new, advanced ways of processing this universal material, during which bamboo stems are split, dried and pressed into dense but lightweight boards. Then they are painted in any color palette, covered with a special varnish and supplied with special butt-type mechanisms, similar to the laminate board principle. In the final production cycle, an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, moisture resistant and very lightweight floor covering with an original and unusual texture is obtained.

Bamboo perfection

This material is definitely something worth loving. Many European designers note the extraordinary ease of the bamboo media center, where it is possible to paint the bamboo cover in different shades so that it blends with the bamboo trailer as good as possible. Important production characteristics: long service life (almost 30 years), high bamboo floor thickness, resistance to wear, low bamboo flooring weight, excellent moisture resistance and antistatic properties. Bamboo floorboard in the composite trailer almost does not collect dust, which reduces the risk of allergies. Another great plus of composite trailer flooring is in its low fire hazard.

Whims of wood floor trailers

Is bamboo flooring expensive? Perhaps, the main and most serious drawback of the bamboo floor is its price, which is significantly higher than the average price in this segment of finishing materials. However, together with all advantages of a fashionable and eco-friendly floor, its owners can face a number of minor inconveniences. For instance, the bamboo floor in TEQ future trunks absolutely cannot bear contact with sharp objects – thin heels, metal legs of furniture, etc.

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