Professionals about successful heavy lift operations

two person standing on cherry picker trailer

Contrary to popular belief, crane operations are not a piece of cake, especially when it comes to lifting oversized cargoes. Smart planning of each step is the most important step in this process. Detailed plan, developed by the true professionals, is of high importance to prevent any sort of crane accidents. High performance and safety of all participants and objects are the primary goal at the stage of planning crane operations.

All successful crane operations include the following stages:

Assigning the most competent person to be a leader

There must be a leader, who has appropriate degree or expertise in heavy lift operations, who is familiar with technical and technological aspects of the heavy lift task, and who can be personally responsible for all stages of the technical part, and for lives of workers, who take part in the crane operation. A plan, developed by the leader of the project, must count with all technical and safety regulations, taking all technical, human, weather, location, and other aspects into account.

Choosing and operating the crane equipment

Taking time to figure out what equipment is perfect for the needs of the project and checking if the staff is competent is the next stage. The project supervisor is the one who has expertise and professional background in the field, so he or she must be proficient in terms of choosing equipment.

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Estimating the location

Prior to the start of any operation one must check the spot. Certain estimations have to be done taking the peculiarities of landscape and location, relief and weather conditions into account. The best plan for assembling and disassembling the components is developed after this stage. Collision hazards have to be thought out at this stage.

Collecting information about cargoes

The most important information about crane operations derives from the types of cargo, which needs to be moved. It needs to be double-checked for it affects the type of equipment and its components.

Distribute the duties

The success of the operation depends on the proficiency level of personnel. Thorough distribution of duties and working out the risky situations are a must.

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