Sunoco Logistics with a corporate headquarter in Texas selected Fluor for their project

Fluor received SL contract

The construction management deal is offered to Fluor Corp. by Sunoco, the corporate headquarter of which is in Texas. Mariner East-2 is to be fulfilled by Fluor under the agreement. The site of the project is situated at Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to the deal, Fluor Corporation with headquarter in Texas is to fulfill the following works:

  • construct the new terminals
  • increase the efficiency of the platform
  • use advanced methods.

The key aims of the terminal are chilling, storage, processing, and finally, distribution of gases. The latest are ethane, propane, and butane.

assorted-color filed intermodal containers

The specialists hope the new platform will provide over 270,000 barrels of liquid gas every day. As a result, the companies want to distribute it to the local, inner, and global markets.

The representatives of Fluor are pleased to win the deal, as the construction of such a critical element is a complicated task demanding professionalism and expertise. Besides, it is a sign of further development of MHIC and its transformation into an excellent platform.

Fluor: corporate office and general information

The company is one of the leading organizations, which works in the EPFCM sector. It cooperates with the customers throughout the world. The specialists provide them with creative and integrated solutions and work to satisfy their needs.

The firm appeared about a century ago. The departments of Fluor Corporation are located in various parts of the globe, while the head office is in Texas. The number of staff totals over 50,000 people.

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The company works in various industrial sectors offering efficient and high-quality services. Constant development and dedication to work brought them to a wonderful reputation.

Where is Sunoco headquarter?

The company works in the spheres of oil, natural gas, and refined products. The activity of the firm includes transportation, terminalling, storage, and acquisition of crude oil and other products. Their key aim is to provide a stable cash flow, increase the facilities, and get the maximum value of their acquisition. The head office of the company is in Texas.

Today the firm is known as Energy Transfer Partners. It changed the name after the merger. Read more information concerning the activity of the organization on the Internet.