Supertrailer is a novelty from the Nooteboom company

Nooteboom Trailers company mainly works with original spare parts of such manufacturers as SAF, BPW, WABCO, Weweler, JOST, Scheuerle and of course, Nooteboom. This gives carriers the best guarantee of preventing breakdowns. The complex system of their warehouse accounting allows you to ship spare parts directly from the warehouse. The goal of Nooteboom is to deliver parts through Europe within 24 hours. In order to ensure that the parts are delivered on time, Nooteboom cooperates with well-known international postal and courier companies. At the main warehouse of the company Nooteboom in Vijken, there are almost all possible details kept. In addition, any of the 60 European Nooteboom service centers can immediately send out most of the parts. Nooteboom keeps detailed records and complete documentation for each vehicle sold. Regardless of its year of manufacture, Nooteboom will be able to provide you with qualified advice. If non-standard spare parts are not available in the warehouse, Nooteboom will manufacture them in accordance with its own strict quality standards.

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Work with the company

Royal Trailers Nooteboom is a European market leader in the design and manufacture of vehicles for the transport of oversized and heavy cargoes with payloads from 20 to 1,000 tons. To keep the leadership position, Nooteboom continuously strives to improve quality and service. The product range includes semi-trailers (such as extendable and hydraulically operated low-frame, low-platform, flat platforms, and modular semi-trailers) and trailers, each of which has an innovative and efficient transport solution with an excellent price/quality ratio. By purchasing and using this equipment, the customer gets 350 technically educated and client-oriented people. An extensive range of vehicles is only a part of a package that Nooteboom offers its customers.

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You can contact Nooteboom to solve literally any transport problem that confronts you, so you can be assured of optimal performance, cost control and, above all, reliability. This is what holds Nooteboom, together with its customers, in the leading positions of the oversized and heavy cargo market.