SV innovation award for Nooteboom’s trailers

The award for Nooteboom was presented by Jarco the Bruin (the commercial director of ING Lease Nederland). The judges estimated the new suspension system of MANOOVR semi low-loader. The vehicles have many advantages, such as:

  • low load floor height (78 cm)
  • high load capacity (12 tonnes for the European countries)
  • impressive axle travel.

The number of axle lines for the trailers might be different (it varies from 3 to 10). Besides, the axles were designed with the renewed tower bearing.

white truck on road during daytime

All the features of the vehicles make them efficient and bring lots of advantages to the abnormal transport operators. Besides, the machinery is a perfect ratio of quality and price.

The greatest achievement of Nooteboom is the pursuit of technical innovation. The judges used the following criteria to define whether the semi low-loaders deserve an award:

  • durability
  • ergonomics
  • market potential
  • safety
  • innovation
  • environment.

The jury observed 14 entities in total. The biggest emphasis was made on the benefit of this innovation for the users. Thus, the vehicles offer great productivity, low running costs, and low weight.

As the jury chairman claimed, Nooteboom proved the innovative character of the production and the top quality of the products.

SV Innovation Award

The SV Innovation Award is a special category in the framework of BedrijfsautoRAI carried out in the Netherlands. The event is organized by RAI Vereniging with the support of RAI Amsterdam, the aim of which is the creation of the context for the meetings, strong cooperation, and constant development. The award itself is an initiative of the Special Vehicles department of the RAI Vereniging. The sponsor of the prize is ING Lease.

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Such award is extremely prestigious both nationally and internationally. Thus, for the Nooteboom’s royal trailers, such achievement is a great honor.

The event itself is carried out every year. There are the other corresponding events for the passenger cars, which are also supported by RAI Amsterdam.