A new line of crane 1 that will please you with its quality and abilities

  • Carrying capacity: 1200 metric tons
  • ropes: 37 mm
  • derrick ropes: 41 mm
  • auxiliary ropes: 10 mm
  • main arrows: 113 m
    maxi boom: 101 m
  • maxi back mast: 43 m
  • tower: 83 m
  • superstructure cwt: 206 metric tons
  • maxi cwt: 525 metric tons.

low-angle of cranes at seaport


  • Mercedes Benz OM 407A 6 cylinder with water-cooled turbocharged diesel fuel cargo engine
  • Mercedes Benz OM 425A V12 water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine crane
  • 1st to 5th and 8th to 10th axle steering
  • 2nd to 3rd and 5th and 6th mechanical motor axes.

How to chose the crane

The choice of cranes is carried out in two stages. At the first stage, the technical feasibility of using a crane of this size group is established. On the second, the technical and economic calculation is carried out and the economic feasibility of using a crane of this size and brand is determined.

Initial data for selecting a crane at stage I:

  • dimensions and configuration of structures (underground and aboveground parts)
  • parameters of blocks of concreting and structures assembled in them (geometric dimensions, mass)
  • conditions for delivery of concrete mix (and other cargo) and its overload
  • type of horizontal transport, its carrying capacity, and volume of the concrete mixture
  • type of tub and its mass
  • type of horizontal transport of other goods
  • conditions for the production of works (the degree of concentration of structures, soil, and climatic conditions, places of storage of goods, etc.).

The following sequence of tap selection is recommended.

  1. Determine the overall dimensions of parts of structures.
  2. Calculate the required height of the hook.
  3. Find the required hook projection when erecting the aboveground part of the structure.
  4. Determine the required load capacity of the crane (taking the mass into account).
  5. According to the available range of cranes, choose the most suitable for the load capacity and purpose and check the compliance of its characteristics with the required ones. A significant value in the selection of the crane is the speed characteristics of the crane – the speed of lifting, lowering loads, moving the trolley. To supply concrete mix to blocks, high-speed cranes should be used, for assembly works – low-speed ones.
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