Legendary crane from a German firm that is capable of raising 800t a time

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  • Operating weight: 1,000,000.00 kg
  • operating power: 498.00 kWt
  • load capacity: 800,000.00 kg
  • speed: 1.30 km/h
  • engine LIEBHERR LR 1800
  • engine model: Daimler BENZ, turbo-diesel
  • vertical outreach: 9,000.00 mm
  • length of the boom: 21,000,00-126,000,00 mm
  • lifting torque: 12,100.00 kN * m
  • length of the jib: 21,000,00-91,000,00 mm
  • mass of counterweight: 830,000.00 kg
  • number of cylinders: 12 pcs.


The lift of the 607-ton petrochemical column was made by the Liebherr LR 1800 crawler crane and the Demag CC 2500 auxiliary crane.

Transportation of the column from the port to the installation site and the supply to the installation was carried out on a 32-axis self-propelled modular trailer mounted on Goldhofer.

This project is a part of Thailand’s program to reduce harmful emissions in the Asian region and improve fuel quality.

About the company

Liebherr does not betray the construction industry today. Tower, hoisting, and port cranes, multi-ton dump trucks, cement mixers and excavators, parts for high-speed rail cars and aviation industry (suffice it to say that with the direct participation of Liebherr the giant A380 was created), technological equipment of various kinds – in professional media products Liebherr enjoys enormous authority. But for the average consumer, the trademark Liebherr is associated primarily with refrigerators.

Liebherr is:

  • a group of companies with more than 90 firms in 21 countries
  • over 1,500,000 units of product per year
  • the developer of the BioFresh system
  • the creator of the world’s first crane with electronic control
  • quality is known since 1949.

The legendary German quality, cutting-edge technology, high reliability, the richest range – that’s what the Liebherr applies today. The price of most models of Liebherr cannot be considered “available. Yet if the consumer is interested in a truly high quality and modern product, be it a home machine or device for commercial use, they have to vote for Liebherr – for the manufacturer, which has successfully stood the test of time and looks into the future without worries.

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