The Conxion company delivered the 70-tonne boiler to the Mesaieed City in Qatar

Conxion is a large transportation company situated in Qatar, which works with various cargoes of any weight and size. They are recognized as a leader in transportations within the country and internationally. The firm offers the following high-quality services:

  • cargo transportation
  • heavy equipment delivery
  • industrial products shipping, etc.

The services are provided via the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

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Their primary benefits are:

  • reliability
  • punctuality
  • professionalism
  • the highest standards of safety
  • great market knowledge
  • cost-efficiency.

Having started as a small company, they have managed to grow within several years. Today the fleet of the company consists of:

  • trailers (flatbed/low-bed)
  • tractor heads
  • forklifts
  • heavy cranes and the other heavy equipment.

The vehicles might be applied for various types of cargo, such as project, industrial, etc. The firm carries the full responsibility for the delivery starting from the port and ending with the destination.

The Conxion firm has a global network to provide the clients with the best services. They cooperate with International Freight Forwarding and Cargo Handling Agents in strategic locations.

The clients of the firm are business companies from different parts of the world including:

  • southeastern Asian countries
  • Qatar and the region.

Сonxion takes part in lots of important projects, which are aimed at developing the industry and economy. The latest one has been the delivery of huge RG boiler equipment to the one of the industrial cities of Qatar.

The transportation to Mesaieed

The Сonxion Logistics company was selected to deliver the important cargo from the Hamad Port to the industrial city of Mesaieed in Qatar in 2017. Mesaieed is an important city, which is situated 50 kilometers to the south from Doha. It is known as the main industrial zone and tanking center for petroleum. The area is under control of a subdivision of Qatar Petroleum, which has been founded in 1996.

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The cargo was the over-dimensional equipment – an RG boiler unit. It was extremely heavy and large possessing the following characteristics:

  • weight: about 70 tonnes
  • length: 14 meters
  • width: 3 meters
  • height: 4 meters.

According to the Chief operation officer of Сonxion Logistics (Rama Chandra), the cargo had very strict requirements concerning the safety of transportation, as it was a part of the heavy/over-dimensional cargoes. Another reason for such requirements was the sensitivity of the destination area. The Mesaieed Industrial City is quite sensitive and has always been a kind of challenge for all the transportation providers, according to the report of the COO of the firm.

The destination of the cargo was the Fertilizer Company of Qatar. They were planning to install the facilities in the city of Mesaieed.

Being a member of the global association of the break bulk operators known as the Project Cargo Network, the Сonxion company was selected to fulfill the delivery. Such decision demonstrated the growth of the company and its further expansion in the region.