The Aertssen’s activity in Qatar

Qatar is one of the Middle Eastern countries, which shows the constant development of economy and infrastructure. It is strongly connected with the significant investments. The Aertssen Group has been working there since 2006 starting as a Construction & Infra branch (the Gulf Earth Moving specializing in earthmoving). It was the first international branch of the firm. The crane division started to operate in 2011. The work with abnormal transport started only in 2016 under the name of Aertssen Machinery Services.

Currently, the company has several projects, including the stadiums for the football World Cup (which is planned for 2022), the new Metro, the Hamad Port, and the other infrastructures.

white high rise buildings during daytime

As for the latest project, the Orbital Highway, it should connect the industrial area of Ras Laffan with the new Hamad port area. It is a ring road with the length of about 200 kilometers. It has 14 traffic lanes in total. As the representatives of the company claim, it is planned to transport over 2,160 concrete bridge sections from the production site to the location of the installation. Each section has different weight, while the heaviest one weighs about 92 tonnes. As soon as the transportation is fulfilled, the crane division will start its work. For the work, the crawler cranes and smaller cranes will be applied. The work is really extensive, so the vehicles operate days and nights.

Today the Aertssen Group is directed to the expansion on the Middle East. They have recently started their work in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Kuwait.

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The Nooteboom’s machinery

Aertssen considers the vehicles created by Nooteboom to be the best. That’s why for the heavy loads they select their innovative trailers. Among them, there are 7-axle semi low-loader, semi-trailer, and semi-trailers (including semi low-loaders with 3 axles and Mega Windmill Transporter). Compared to the local trailers the company applies, the Nooteboom’s ones demonstrate higher effectiveness, maneuverability, and productivity. For more information, you can watch the video from the orbital project about the wheels applied.