The best about Sarens cranes models – design features and the reason for the popularity

Sarens SGC 120 was released in 2011 by a leading Belgian company. Its maximum load capacity is the same as that of the previous model and is 3,200 tons. With the main boom of 89 meters in length, the crane can lift a weight of about one ton. This crane model operates on 12 engines operating on diesel fuel. To date, the crane is on construction in the state of Arizona, USA. After that, its relocation to China is planned.

Specificity of Sarens Cranes construction

Construction is a very extensive business scope, providing for complex, high-precision work, the implementation of these works in accordance with technology and norms. The company that deals with construction works usually buys or leases several construction machines. They are used in the construction of buildings and structures, in the construction of roads. Almost all the low-level equipment represents a separate, very extensive class of machines. Almost all of them find their application not only in construction but also in other sectors of the economy.

Main types of construction equipment

For any construction site, dump trucks are required to transport construction materials. Trucks are traditionally in the fleets of large construction companies, which can even serve the construction company for various purposes. Loaders, pile driving machines, hammers, concrete mixers, excavators, and bulldozers are also used to perform works on the construction site.

Specificity of transportation of construction equipment

Transportation of construction equipment has its own characteristics. They are related to the specifics of the destination. Often, drivers are faced with the lack of accessible roads on the way to the construction site, as well as sites for loading and unloading. In addition, poor visibility may interfere with the performance of transport tasks, which are related to the presence of dust in the air or a large amount of construction debris that interferes with the necessary maneuvering of the vehicle.

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Used transport

Transportation of equipment with large dimensions is carried out using semitrailers with a loading height of 600 mm. It is possible to transport the object under bridges, a contact network, and in tunnels. Safety and reliability of transportation are ensured using low-frame platforms of various lengths and widths with a maximum entry angle and loading height. Most often such machines are used: Nooteboom, Brosius semi-trailers, Scheuerle modular platforms, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo tractors, as well as other machines for transportation of oversized machinery weighing up to several hundred tons.