Information on the biggest crane in the world – what models are considered leaders in this field?

Four crawler cranes from China have entered the TOP-10 of largest cranes in the world.

The leader of the rating – the world’s largest crane – was the model XCMG-XCG88000. The top list of the world’s large cranes and transporting machines is compiled on the basis of technical data provided by the manufacturers themselves.

In addition to XCMG, there are all the other major Chinese crane manufacturers in the top list: Zoomlion, Sany, and Yutong.

As for the winner, its carrying capacity is 3,600 tons. To date, the only buyer of this crane is the company Sinopec, a Chinese oil company with state participation, which acquired the giant in August last year.

Truck cranes of such dimensions have big complexity of their delivery by sea from China to the markets of America and Europe, which affects the high cost of transportation.

Crawler crane CC 8800: two arrows of the German strongest crane in the world

In Germany, the most impressive crane is the SS 8800-1 Twin, which was created as the main competitor to existing models from other companies. For the first time, this model was demonstrated at the exhibition in October 2007, when the public was surprised by the creation of a model with impressive indicators and a sufficiently high lifting capacity of 3,200 tons.

The immediately working product was presented, not a prototype, so the manufacturer received several applications for the production of equipment at once.

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Serial Giants: heaviest crane lift ever

The success of this enterprise is not surprising: experts have long tried to achieve this level of performance from the company’s devices. Moreover, strictly speaking, the basis of this invention is not a new machine: taking into account the basis of this model, we can say that it was created using existing developments. However, this does not detract from the merits of developers, since the lifting capacity has increased significantly.

Terex-Demag CC 8800-1 is still considered one of the most impressive in terms of technical models. The ability to lift loads up to 1,600 tons supplemented by the possibility of reaching a total load of more than 24,000 tons is very powerful. It is also worth noting that the crane is equipped with an additional system to facilitate the lifting of weights, and the permissible radius varies from 19 to 30 meters. The boom length is able to reach 216 meters.

Liebherr LR13000 – can you call it the best in the world?

To date, there is a lot of information about this crane model, although it was tested for the first time only at the end of November on a large international market.

The peculiarity of the model is that it can lift almost 4,000 tons of cargo, which for the models of this brand is a real record. There is a boom of 60 meters long. The total load can reach 1,500 tons using 400 tons of counterweight.

At the beginning of the next year, Liebherr plans to beat its own record. According to them, Liebherr designers estimate that the new crane should be able to lift 3,750 tons – but the price of it is also impressive.

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Liebherr claims that LR 13000 is the most powerful of the line of heaviest lifting cranes in the world and the biggest crane in the USA. The range of use of Terex crawler cranes of this class is the construction of power plants for lifting extremely heavy individual elements, as well as for refineries for lifting columns of 1,500 tons and 100 meters long.