The biggest crane Kroll 10000

The first crane Kroll 10000 arrived in 1997 at the shipyard Aker, located on the Norwegian island of Stord. The second copy was also transported to Norway and was stored for three years, on the islands neighboring Stord Islands – the buyer company was unable to implement the project under which the crane was purchased.

As of 2007, two cranes owned by TCA were in storage: one in Rhode Island, another K-10000-L crane was in the port of Copenhagen until 2007. In 2008, the latter was transported and installed on the site of one of the industrial enterprises in Fort McMurray, in the Canadian province of Alberta.

The crane from the nuclear power plant was transported to the construction site of the Kalinin NPP for the construction of the fourth power unit.

As of 2009, thirteen K-10000 cranes were located in the following regions: Ukraine, Asia, and the Middle East. One more – in the Russian Federation.


Four such cranes have now been fully installed: one K-10000 (according to the source, it was released in 1987) has been in the harbor of Singapore since 2000) and is used for shipbuilding, and the other is installed in Norway and is busy dismantling the oil platforms. The third crane was used in the construction of the fourth power unit of Kalinin NPP. At present time, it is located at the site of the third power unit of Rostov NPP. The fourth – on the construction of the third power unit of Khmelnitsky NPP (Ukraine).

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In addition to self-propelled execution, cranes can be supplied in a stationary version – with installation directly into the foundation. Stationary cranes serve the working area up to 200 m. In addition, there is a special version of the crane for the installation of super heavy loads. In this case, the load capacity of the main crane is 360 t.


Load capacity of the main crane, along with the entire boom length of 82 m, is 120 t. The maximum lifting height of the main crane hook is 81 m. Full maintenance of the construction site of the nuclear power plant is ensured with a flight of 84 m. The ascent of the heaviest cargo (the reactor dome) weighing about 200 tons, takes place at the departure of 51.8 m.

The carrying capacity of the auxiliary crane (K-355) is 45.5 tons. The length of the boom is 65 m.

Installation and dismantling

The crane of self-propelled execution is installed within the construction site with the installation of crane tracks along the building of the object under construction.

In the stationary version, the support-rotary part is installed directly into the foundation. The foundation is a concrete site with a diameter of 15 m, made using piles with a length of 13 m, buried at 9 m. The crane has been held in place thanks to 164 two-inch anchor bolts. First, preliminary assembly of the tower sections is carried out. Then it is put in place using the jib cranes. After the assembly of the tower, the working arm and the counterweight console are assembled.

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The construction of the crane is not provided with attachments to the erected structure. The total time of installation of the crane for work is no less than 3 months.