The Bridge Undamaged by the Column


time lapse photo of cable bridge during golden hour

At the beginning of 2013, SV Trans concluded a contract to execute a special project on delivery of a heavy oversized stabilizer K-801 for Surgut condensate stabilization plant (gas processing plant for oil-gas condensate mixture treatment).

The stabilizer column K-801 with the following dimensions – 34.640 х 5.125 х 4.670 meters weighing 97 tons – covered the distance of more than 1,400 km from Sverdlovsk Oblast to Surgut.

In order to transport the abnormal-sized load, the company’s engineers worked out securing methods, studied and approved the traffic route, as well as obtained permits to move the bulky unit along the entire haul rig’s way. All the way from the loading point to the receiving plant, the oversized cargo was accompanied by own escort and GIBDD (State Traffic Safety Inspectorate) vehicles.

At the tricky road section near Surgut, the heavy combination with the OOG load had to pass through a motor road bridge across the Ob River with the 2,240-meter long cable-stayed framework. For moving the unit along the bridge, the company’s team submitted drawings of the loaded combination to corresponding regulatory authorities, carried out proof tests and obtained all approvals and authorizations to transport this huge heavy-lift cargo. The bridge framework was under continuous monitoring for any deformations while taking the load across the structure. But the bridge was left behind, road bed intact, and oil-gas equipment delivered to the plant.

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