The device of the car. The principle of operation of the steering gear

There are several types of abs steering box. Two of the most common types of steering gear are rack and hydraulic steering gear.

To ensure a smooth turn, each wheel should pass a different circle. Due to the fact that the inner wheel has a wheel of a smaller radius, it makes a steeper turn than the outer one. If you draw a perpendicular line to each wheel, the lines intersect at the central turning point. The geometry of the rotation causes the inner wheel to turn stronger than the outer wheel.

There are several types of the steering gear. The most common are the rack and hydraulic steering gear.

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How does hydraulic steering work?

How hydraulic steering works? This will show the hydraulic steering diagram by analogy with the semi-trailer abs wiring diagram, another one of the steering systems diagrams. The mechanism based on the hydraulic steering valve diagram is widely used in passenger cars, light trucks, and off-road vehicles. In fact, the mechanism of a steer in trailers is pretty simple. The NATO trailer plug is located in a metal tube with a rake on each side. The steering tip is connected to the rear steer valve on each side of the rail.

The difference between cars and trucks

The driving gear is paired with the steering shaft. When you turn the steering wheel, the gear starts to rotate and causes the rack to move. The steering tip on the end of the rail connects with the steering bipod on the spindle.

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The functions of the rack with the gear are as follows:

  • it converts the rotational motion of the steering wheel into a rectilinear motion necessary for turning the wheels
  • it provides a gear ratio to facilitate turning the wheels.

A typical steering trailer is designed so that it takes three to four full turns of the rudder to turn the wheels from lock to lock.

As a rule, in light sports cars, the steering gear ratio is lower than that of the steering trailers and trucks. With a low gear ratio, the steering mechanism has a faster response, so you do not have to turn the steering wheel hard to make a turn. The smaller the car is, the less is its mass and even with a low gear ratio it does not require an extra effort to turn.