Learn why the path trailer may be wrong

The path trailer problem means its swaying while driving, which can cause a traffic accident. To avoid this situation, you should follow a few simple but quite useful tips.

Fundamental rules

In order to avoid problems, you need to:

  • observe the speed limit
  • perform braking wisely
  • observe the rules for the passage of ascents and descents.

red and brown truck on paved road

Practice shows that an incorrectly distributed load strongly swings the trailer while driving. The cargo should be placed evenly on the bottom of the trailer, and it should not be allowed that the load per axle seriously exceeds the load on the other axle. If you are going to transport a heavy load, it must be finely secured.

Main reasons of swaying

The key reason why the trailer swayed is the failure to comply with the speed limits, as well as turning at too high speed. When driving a trailer, it is recommended to move at a speed of no more than 70 km/h. This is because the trailer is experiencing additional loads, such as increased drag, increased airflows from oncoming and overtaking cars. Increased loads are especially noticeable if you carry a house on wheels. If you feel the swaying of the trailer, you should reduce the speed gradually releasing the gas pedal. In no case, it should be braked, as such actions can cause a road accident. In such situations, it is important to remain calm, as impulsive and rash actions can only exacerbate the current situation.

Another reason why the trailer shakes is the incorrect overcoming of descents and ascents. During a long descent, you should take care of the brakes. You should alternate the different braking modes in order to minimize the load on the brake pads. If you constantly slow down, it will quickly lead to overheating of the brake mechanism, which will negatively affect the controllability of the vehicle. When overcoming prolonged rises, it is necessary to protect the transmission clutch system.

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Having become acquainted with the main reasons that cause the troubles with the trailer and knowing what to do in the case of such a situation, you will be able to solve them quite simply.