The most comfortable and proven way to get to the parking of the Break bulk Americas

Thanks to the convenient scheme, you will not get lost and easily find a parking lot, from whatever end of the city you follow.

The right route for everyone who wants to get into George R. Brown’s hall

gray concrete parking area


The plane arrives from Dallas, directly – the Bush airport of intercontinental scale

Go S (South further) → then follow the E (East further) → the next point is the S exit (No. 770A) → leave the hotel by Hamilton St → follow to the left without going to the Capitol → turn left on la-Americas.

  • I-45 North WING

The plane follows from Galveston, Hobby Airp. (Houston)

Follow left to the N → go to the central exit from the city (No. 45) → follow towards Pease St → continue straight on Dowling St → take a left onto Polk St → continue to move without turning to las Americas.

  • US 59 SOUTH

Point of arrival – Bush airport, flight from Kingwood

Go S (US-59) → head to the exit from the city center → next point is Jackson St → turn onto Franklin St → continue on Hamilton → do not stop or turn off on Capitol St → continue along Las Americas San Antonio TX.


Start the route from the gallery in Missouri

Start in the N (US-59) → starting point os hotel on Polk St → turn left and continue along Polk St → go without turning off on the la-America.

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The starting point is New Orleans, Baytown

Begin traffic from the Western part of the city (I-10) → continue to the south 59 (No. 770A) → the next point is exit to Hamilton St → continue down the St Capitol → turn left and continue on the la-America.


The starting point is San Antonio (Cathy)

Start moving E (I-10) → continue to move to exit 18 power equipment (No. 770A) → next point is exit from the city center → continue along Hamilton → do not turn off on Capitol St → continue on the left side to las Americas.


The crew is being sent to the exit from Reliant Park, Pearland

The starting point is N (SH-288) → move further N to US-59 → leave the city center exiting on Polk Street → continue along the left side → do not turn off and go straight along the street las Americas.


The starting point is Copperfield, Austin

Start eastward on US-290 → move to Petrie St on S side 610 → continue eastward I-10 → follow south to exit No. 770A → leave the hotel for Hamilton → do not turn off on Capitol Street → take the left and go further on la-Americas.

What transport can you use: Green link downtown Houston

If you follow Houston convention center events from the Houston airports and want to get to the hotel, you can use public or private transport: bus, taxi.

Also you can find out more on the website and get the most useful information on free travel around the city. Please note: buses run at a frequency of 7-10 minutes every weekday.

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