The gorgeous dark cityscape in Houston

About the port in Houston: dark cityscape

Port of Houston is a major American port located in the same city on the Houston cityscape Buffalo Bay. It is located in Texas, eighty kilometers from the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The port of Houston consists of the shipping channel of the same name, which is a way of communication with the Gulf of Mexico, from part of the shores of Buffalo Bay, as well as from floating piers and moorings. The depth of the cityscape club channel is from 12 to 12.7 meters, the depth of the mooring front in some places reaches 12 meters, and its length is 25 kilometers. The port is capable of serving about one hundred ships at a time.

Port functionality: cityscape media

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The cityscape Houston – the port – was built relatively recently on tax charges and today is a rather loaded port in terms of cargo. Steel, iron ore, paper, and sugar are imported into it, and such goods as oil and oil products, grain, cotton, products of local chemical enterprises are exported. The total freight traffic at the port of Houston is estimated to be more than fifty million tons a year. The loading and unloading of goods is carried out with the help of floating and standard coastal cranes; there are more than 130 in the port of them. At the port, there are warehouses, storage tanks, open areas for storing cargoes, elevators. Ship repair departments, as well as shipbuilding enterprises in the port of Houston have floating docks, which allow prompt repair and diagnostic work. The American Space Research Center is also located in the port of Houston.

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From a tourist and instagram traveler point of view, the port remains uninteresting, because this direction is not a priority. However, at the end of 2012, two cruise ships entered into contracts with the two companies, Princess Cruises and the Norwegian Cruise Line, and the port of Houston. Such vessels are serviced by a cruise terminal specially designed for such purposes.

Since November 2013, the reception of ships has begun, but until now, it was not possible to bypass problems with the establishment of two-way communication. The terminal is located not in Houston but outside, in the city of Pasadena. During 2014, 27 Princess Cruises’ cruise ships are scheduled to enter the port of Houston. Holidaymakers who plan to use the services of the Norwegian Cruise Line in the port of Houston will be able to do this only in the fall of 2014. This company has signed a contract for 75 cruise ship calls.