The history of Nooteboom

The first steps of the company were made in 1881 when a smithy was opened in Kethel (near Rotterdam) by Willem Nooteboom. The expansion of business was rapid. The firm started with the production of the carriages gradually shifting to the semi-trailers, cranes, and tippers. The primary direction of the company was specified in 1953. That year, the granddad of the current head of Nooteboom created a semi-trailer with swing-out axles.

Today the firm is aimed at making their products reliable, cost-effective, robust, and easy to operate. The overall number of staff in Nooteboom reaches 350 people, while the turnover totals over 80 million Euros.

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The portfolio of Nooteboom is really impressive. It includes:

  • semi-trailers
  • drawbar trailers
  • tractors
  • cranes, etc.

The current head of Nooteboom is Marinka Nooteboom (the 5th generation family member). She is the first woman at the helm of the company. She took the position in 2012 after her father. Before the appointment, she worked in the financial sector for 12 years.

The latest achievements

The company keeps working to preserve their leading position on the international market. For this purpose, they apply innovative technologies and methods. Thus, they continue to improve their products. Among the latest innovations, there is a Super Wing Carrier, which is applicable to carry the windmills’ blades up to 70 meters long. It is a great combination of high load capacity and maneuverability.

Another achievement of Nooteboom is their MANOOVR. It is a semi low-loader with ultra-low load floor and high axle load. Every detail of the vehicle is carefully thought out. The number of axles is quite big but the vehicle is still maneuverable. Besides, the tire wear is minimal, which is another advantage concerning the cost factor.

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Nowadays the information about the XXL vehicles is often presented in the international magazines. The company also offers great opportunities for the internships. If you are looking for the vacancies or internships in the company producing XXL vehicles, visit their website.