Carolina Strapping brings the revolutionary synthetic strapping weighing less than 15 pounds

The first thing applied to keep the cargo safe during the transportation was the steel chains. Heavy and large, they considered the most reliable way of security maintenance. In the course of time, the manufacturers have been working on the development of the new variations of strapping.

The innovations in 1970s provoked the usage of polyester fibers. They were put together in a row with the help of a special glue coating. In 1980s, the glue was replaced by the extruded plastic. The strapping strength of the latest varied from 300 to 2,600 kg, while the weather resistant qualities were much higher than the ones of the steel.

Today, even better woven strap is created to make the transportation easier, safer, and more comfortable. Carolina Strapping & Buckles company is a pioneer of such production in the US. They use composite and bonded polyester strapping and lashing products.

The reasons of steel popularity

Despite the improved means of cargo security, steel strapping is one of the most popular methods among the people from various industries (especially the maritime breakbulk). It is connected with the fact that people have already got used to it and believe it is more reliable (mostly because it is heavy). It is hardly possible for them to admit that a textile product can be the same effective and much better than the steel one.

Carolina Strapping: creation of the new advantages

The traditional steel banding possesses many drawbacks:

  • difficulties with handling
  • considerable weight
  • the necessity to apply special equipment to carry the banding
  • the requirements to have special tools to cut the strapping
  • the risks to cut the customer/installer
  • bad adaptation to the cargo (it is hard to achieve proper tension).
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The frequency of accidents with the steel chains is extremely high, which also influences the insurance.

The specialists say about the advantages of the new product:

  • low weight
  • easy application
  • no need to use special tools to support/cut the fiber
  • no risks of injuries.

The effectiveness of the woven strapping is incontestable, as it can carry 2-20 tonnes.