The Nooteboom Open Day in 2017

The Open Day of the Nooteboom company became a nice chance to look deep into the industry of abnormal transport. The event was planned for the 13th of May. The opening hours were from 10 AM to 4 PM. The Open Day took place at Nooteboom Trailers in Wijchen.

Among the visitors of the event, there were not only people of the abnormal transport industry but also those, who desired to give a fresh boost to their carrier or even work for Nooteboom. Everybody was welcomed there. However, the possible number of participants was limited. That’s why plenty of visitors registered beforehand. Besides, the tickets were given for free.

The program of the event

man in blue jacket standing beside brown wooden post

The program of the Open Day was really diverse. It included the factory tours, during which the visitors had an opportunity to find out how to produce the innovative trailers for the abnormal transportations including the groundbreaking Manoovr semi low-loader, which had already won several awards before. The participants could see every stage from the construction to assembly. For those, who got tired, a special Guided Tour Shuttle Service was offered. What’s more, the visitors were able to see the SMART trailer program.

One of the parts of the event was the demonstration. The guests enjoyed the great maneuverability, ease of operation, extension opportunities, and the other features of the vehicles. During the show, many different types of machinery were presented including semi-trailers, tractors, and drawbar trailers.

An impressive part of the event was a market square, where there were lots of articles, toys, books, professional journals, showroom models, and many other interesting things at very attractive prices.

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For those, who were looking for new opportunities, the job market offered dozens of vacancies and traineeships. The visitors could know the information about the vacancies and even make an application.

Another good thing about the Open Day was the organization of the kids’ area with a sandpit, bouncy castle, face painting, coloring sheets, and racing car track. The participants could also try various foods in the catering zone.