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The Nooteboom Global Trailer Center is one of Europe’s largest centers for the sale of used cars and “non-standard” road transport. Here you can find all the necessary global trailer parts.

This is the ideal place to look for used low-bed trailers and semi-trailers, telescopic semi-trailers, regular trailers, modular trailers, and heavy tractors. The presence of cars is constantly changing. They can be of different designs, specifications, and year of manufacture. If you are looking for a specific model, you can use the search engine.

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About company

Nooteboom Global Trailer Center is a specialist in the sale and purchase of all types of trailers and trailers for special transport as well. The Nooteboom Global Trailer Center team annually finds new owners for hundreds of used vehicles. We have at least 100 trailers and heavy tractors. It is unlikely that you will not be able to find what you are looking for. Since the company is the structural unit of the European market leader Nooteboom Trailers company, second-hand cars offered in exchange for new Nooteboom machines are regularly supplied to the Nooteboom Global Trailer Center. Availability is updated daily.

Modular trawls

Nooteboom Global Trailer Center also has a lot of modular lines of various designs in stock, such as Goldhofer, Cometto, and Nicolas. There are spare parts for both the 1979 trailer and the latest models. Nooteboom Global Trailer Center also sells new Scheuerle modular trawls with load carrying capacity up to 500 tons. Nooteboom Global Trailer Center supplies various types of trailers for non-standard transport, from almost new to machines of 25 years old. Most trailers can be seen in Wijchen (one and a half hour drive from Amsterdam) and some are available from dealers in the UK, Spain, France, Poland, Finland and the Czech Republic. If you need a reliable second-hand or a new semi-trailer or tractor, Nooteboom Global Trailer Center is your business partner today and tomorrow.

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