The Tim Foundation gathered EUR 101,900 with the support of Nooteboom

The TIM Foundation is an organization, which is devoted to the disbursing funds, operating in Italy and in the other countries with the institutional presence of the foundation. It was established in 2008 as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy carried out by the Telecom Italia Group.

The foundation is aimed at strengthening the commitment to the community, thus improving the quality of life. The goals are achieved by means of investments to various non-profit organizations.

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The preferable directions include:

  • the vulnerable/disadvantaged categories of the population
  • the development of education
  • the scientific research
  • the protection of historical/environmental heritage, etc.

The mission of the TIM Foundation lays in the cultural, economic, social growth, communication, and integration.

The outstanding results during the Nooteboom’s event

The Nooteboom company congratulated the TIM Foundation for the wonderful results, which had been achieved during the Transport Days. The event was visited by over 5,000 people. During it, the foundation gathered almost EUR 102,000.

The money was aimed at supporting the research to find a medication against the mitochondrial energy-sapping disorder (“Leigh disease”). The research was carried out by Dr. J. Smeitink from the Radboud University UMC.

Nooteboom expressed its support for the foundation’s work and happiness that they had made a contribution to it.

The Nooteboom Transport Days

The event under consideration is international. It is aimed at promoting relations and cooperation of various companies of this sphere from different parts of the world. The visitors can also look behind the scenes of the manufacturing and assembly processes at the Nooteboom company. The programme is varied. It includes tours of the factory, demonstrations, presentations, reports, etc.

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The event carried out in 2017 became a contribution not just to the international cooperation, but also to the improvement of people’s lives as the TIM Foundation was one of the participants of it.