To the Brewery? Only at Night

red and white truck on road during daytime

Last autumn, an interesting project on transportation of 16 cylinder-conic brewing tanks (dimensions 23.165 x 7.1 x 7.135 meters, weight – 35 tons) was implemented along the route Moscow Oblast – Ostashkovskoye Shosse – Pirogov Reservoir jetty for ZAO Moscow Brewing Company.

Among the tasks of the carrier were reloading of all units from vessels onto vehicles, obtaining of permits and approvals for the laden haul rigs to travel the whole route, motor transport and arrangement of convoys involving special cover vehicles with yellow flashing lights, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate cars and power cable pylons.

The transports were carried out in four convoys and only at night time, since the period of the lowest traffic density was needed for safe and unobstructed travel of motor transport combinations following each other, especially because most of the route passed through oncoming lanes. Movement of the combinations with the overall height of 8.2 meters with cargoes also called for de-installation and temporary shut-down of overhead power lines enroute.

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