Top 4 places to visit around Saint Petersburg

If you’re planning a trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia, there’s probably already a ton of places to see on your list already. The city is gorgeous and full of art, culture and history, but did you know that its suburbs also have a few mindblowing locations that are also a must-visit. Check out the list below for top 4 suburbs to see in St. Petersburg:

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Peterhof – the Russian Versailles

In the history of the world, rivalries have often fueled progress and led to the creation of beautiful things. This was the story behind the creation of Peterhof – a gorgeous location near Saint Petersburg. Peter the Great, who became the first Emperor of Russia, was so obsessed with competing and outperforming European countries, that built himself a summer residence that was supposed to rival Versailles in France. And if you look at the palace together with its park, you might agree that Peter the Great achieved his goal. The gorgeous gold statues, magnificent fountains and a grand palace – all of this makes a day trip to Peterhof a necessary part of your Saint Petersburg itinerary. 

Tsar Village – the home of Pushkin

Whether you’re looking to see the place where Russia’s most famous poet Alexander Pushkin lived and studied, or to enjoy the magnificent looks of another Russian royal residence, Tsarskoe Selo is a must-visit. Here, you will find the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum – a legendary school where Pushkin completed his education. The village also has countless parks and gorgeous palaces, including the palace of Catherine 2nd, which is home to the legendary Amber Room. 

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Strelna – the arena of Russian politics

Did you know that a significant part of Russian politics happens not in Kremlin, a government building, or even a posh skyscraper, but in a centuries-old palace in a small Russian village of Strelna? This small village once served as the location for one of the G8 Summits, bringing the world’s most important politicians to the small Russian suburb. Today, the palace in Strelna is used for high-profile meetings and events, so it’s only available for visits by tourist groups when it’s not being used by the President or other high-ranking politicians. 

Gatchina – park paradise in a Russian suburb

Gatchina, a small Russian village, is home to a magnificent palace that sees millions of tourists every year,  but what’s even more interesting, is the huge park located right next to the palace. The park spans more than 200 hectares filled with picturesque lakes, woods and rivers. The Great Gatchina Palace also has an impressive collection of art and weapons that all visitors can enjoy.


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