Top 5 best Russian night clubs

Russian nightlife hasn’t had a very long history. The country was part of the Soviet Union for many decades and there were no night clubs in the Soviet Union, of course. Occasionally, there would be discos in local Palaces of Culture or similar state-run organizations, but the first real night clubs didn’t appear in Russia until the 1990’s, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Some of these early night clubs survived the tumultuous years and managed to stay relevant until today. These older clubs are interesting to visit for their unique atmosphere and a loyal group of usuals. At the same time, there are plenty of mega fashionable nightclubs that pop up in all large Russian cities every year, and if you want to experience posh Russian nightlife with celebrities and children of oligarchs – these are the clubs to visit. Overall, no matter what your preference is, Russian nightlife has something to offer for everyone. 

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Dom Pechati Russian night club in Ekaterinburg

Dom Pechati, which can be translated as Print House, is the most popular night club in the entire Ural region. Despite its immense popularity among clubgoers, the atmosphere in the club is kind and light, as opposed to being overly dramatic or condescending. The club is also very interesting from the architectural point of view, as the building has incredibly high ceilings, which lends grandeur to any event held in the club. All in all, the club and the city itself is home to many aspiring artists and the club regulars do their best to support young talent. 

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Stackenschneider night club in Saint Petersburg

If you’re looking to find an amazingly fashionable place where you can party in style with locals and visitors and enjoy a huge range of different music styles at the same time, then this is the perfect place for you. Critics of the club say that it’s way to open to all kinds of visitors and music, while others praise the club exactly for this. Here you, you can meet all kinds of people and enjoy diversity both in terms of musical entertainment and companionship, something that’s not yet too common in Russia. 

Jam Bar in Kazan – a Russian nightlife experience

Jam Bar is the most popular night club in Kazan, Tatarstan. This establishment is known all over Russia for inviting the best DJs from all over Russia and even from around the world to perform there. The club specializes in electronic music, including hip-hop, house, jungle, techno and more. Don’t skip a visit to Jam Bar if you want to learn to party like a real Russian youth. 

Milo Concert Hall in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

If you want to experience what Moscow clubs and parties were like in the mid-2000’s, check out Milo Concert Hall. In addition to its retro atmosphere, what sets this club apart is its state-of-the-art sound and visual systems, which allow the DJs to put on their best shows. 

Teleclub nightclub in Ekaterinburg

If you want to experience a Russian party at a larger club, plan a visit to Teleclub in Ekaterinburg. Each concert at this club gathers at least 1000 people, making each event feel a bit like a music festival. The atmosphere at the club is very warm and welcoming, which is the reason why many people keep coming back here.

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