Top things to do in Sochi all year round

If you ask a hundred Russians about the best place to spend a vacation in Russia, most of them would probably tell you that Sochi is the place to go. This seaside city first became known all over the world when it hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014. The town was a popular vacation spot for Russians before the Olympics, but afterward, tourists from all over the world started flocking to it. The city of Sochi is located in the Krasnodar Krai on the cost of the Black Sea. The city is known for its great weather all year long – the average summer temperature is 24 degrees Celcius, and the average temperature in winter is 10 degrees Celcius, which is very mild for winter in Russia. 

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What to do in Sochi in the summer?

Summer is the perfect time to visit Sochi if you want to swim in the beautiful Black Sea, sunbathe, and enjoy the mountain landscapes. Whether you prefer your vacations to be relaxing, or full of adventure, Sochi has something for you. You can take a boat ride along the coast to observe the city from the water, take a yacht trip out to the sea to see the dolphins, go hiking in the mountains, view the city from above on a hot air balloon, try diving, mountain biking, white water rafting and dozens of other activities Sochi has to offer. 

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Winter activities in Sochi

If you’re an avid skier who wants to enjoy the sport on the same slopes where Olympic athletes competed in 2014, Sochi is the perfect place for you. The ski resort village of Krasnaiya Polyana is located 600 meters above sea level and it’s home to gorgeous mountains that are perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Those who want to make the most of their skiing experience can take a helicopter to go to the very tops of the mountains, getting the chance to ski above the clouds. Since snow is very rare in Sochi and it usually only snows in the mountains, you can take a trip to the city and enjoy its mild climate after you’re done skiing. 

Things to do in Sochi in fall 

Fall is the most contemplative time of the year, and while many cities in Russia experience rainy and cold autumns, in Sochi, the weather is still warm and the city is no longer filled with crowds of tourists, which makes it the perfect season for experiencing all the attractions in the city. We suggest visiting the Arboretum Park to see thousands of different plants, trees and animals. Another must-visit place is the Watchtower on the Ahun mountain. The tower is only 30 meters tall, but since its located on a mountain, the top of the tower is located at 633 meters above sea level, allowing you to enjoy gorgeous views of the Black Sea coast. 

Spring activities in Sochi

Spring is the time for renewal and rebirth, so why not visit Sochi to reinvent yourself and improve your health? The area around Sochi is home to dozens of different mineral springs and mud baths. There are over a hundred SPA resorts for every budget, so you can be sure that you will find a perfect resort to restore your health and spirit. 

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