Tournament of the Americas in Houston was canceled due to the strongest hurricane

The Break bulk tournament, of which you can learn more on by clicking ‘Learn More’ button, is the Bahri Logistics Golf Tournament, participation in which is a real honor for all golf club shippers.

As reported in Break bulk, Hurricane Harvey attacked a huge part of the territory of Houston. As a result, it turned out that the wildcat country club still survived the attacks of the hurricane. After a thorough analysis of the whole situation, we decided not to hold the tournament at the moment and redirect all existing golf tournaments under our direction (more on for collecting charity. The object of charitable influences was the medical emergency fund for seamen.

More about Hurricane Houston

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Since August 26, Texas is experiencing a tropical storm. Hurricane called “Harvey” led to floods in several major cities. Houston was affected the most, on which up to 56 trillion liters of precipitation were dropped by the middle of the day on August 28. Residents of Houston and neighboring cities had to wait for rescuers, moving on flooded streets in boats and on air mattresses. “Harvey” was recognized as the most devastating natural disaster in the history of Texas. As a result of the hurricane, no less than 14 people were killed in the United States, the damage from it is estimated in tens of billions of dollars.

The streets of the largest city of Texas Houston turned into rivers; homes were flooded. Damage from Harvey is comparable to the destruction from Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans in 2005.

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As calculated by the Department of Insurance of analyst company Imperial Capital, the damage from Harvey could amount to about $100 billion. Also, according to their data, less than a third of total destruction falls under insurance.

Meteorologist Ryan Mo calculated that on Houston city and adjacent territory fell from 14 to 15 trillion gallons of precipitation as of August 28. At least five trillion more gallons are expected.

The New York Times compared the same places in Houston before and after the flood. On the shots “after” you can see that in some places the water has risen several meters.

In addition, all oil refineries in the vicinity of the city of Corpus Christi located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico were stopped.

Two major Houston airports do not operate, as most major highways. Railway lines and many schools are closed too.

There are more than 300,000 people on the American coast of the Gulf of Mexico left without electricity.

To help fight against the elements, the authorities of Texas mobilized 1,300 troops. The rescue operations involved more than a thousand civilians.

On the weekend, authorities evacuated about 4.5 thousand prisoners from three prisons in the state.

Wildcat golf club works in favor of charity fund

This organization, the fund in favor of which money is sent, is a non-profit organization. This is important to consider for updating news on the tournaments: the tournament of the Americas always carefully monitor all the information. The purpose of this organization is to fulfill the task set by Jerry Nagel: providing assistance to those people who will apply for it in times of crisis. It is very important for the company that you join the project, or help with the donation. In order to do this, be sure to visit the exhibition or other items where the collection will be made. The representative of the organization will contact you.

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As for the tournament in the coming year, we sincerely hope that it will pass without problems at the scheduled time.