The program for trailer axle load calculation

The optimal cargo location is a key factor, which influences the comfort of transportation. It was the main reason why the Nooteboom company decided to create a program, which would calculate the location of various cargos and find the best position for them.

Such solution not just allows organizing the transportations much easier and faster. It also prevents overload, as the trailer axle position calculator is able to define the weights and dimensions of the loads.

Let’s consider how the program works. It is possible to add just one or several loads on the trailer. In the case when you want to place one, the program can select the best position for it automatically. If you want to transport several different cargoes, you can choose their positions yourself. The possible positions include the following:

  • one after the other
  • stacked
  • next to each other.

The cargo can be placed on a gooseneck, rear axle assembly or any other place you want. The NoVAB program takes the weight of the cargoes into account and changes the values of axle weights in accordance with it.

The program offers a good demonstration of the cargo position, so you can see how it will look. It also makes the application of the program more comfortable and pictorial.

When the program was released, there were certain errors. However, the company did everything to find the solution.

Nooteboom: general information

Nooteboom is a company, which is famous for its striving for innovations. They are one of the giants of the abnormal transport industry. The trailers designed by this firm are always high quality and safe, while the firm keeps working in order to make transportation easier and more comfortable. Among the products of Nooteboom, there are:

  • semi-trailers
  • low-loaders
  • drawbar trailers
  • semi low-loaders.

Creating the vehicles, the company uses innovative technologies, experience, and effective solutions.

The latest addition to the innovative work was their axle load calculation program. It is another step to the future of the industry.

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