What trailers can you find at Nooteboom?

Nooteboom is a leading company in the area of abnormal transportations, which offers a great variety of vehicles. They are always aimed at producing safe, high quality, maneuverable, and efficient trailers. Among the types of the machinery, the operators can find:

  • low-loaders
  • teletrailers
  • modular trailers
  • drawbar trailers
  • semi low-loaders
  • heavy transport tractors.

It is possible to select the vehicles depending on the purpose of the application, maximum possible weight, load capacity, type of axles (and their number), type of steering system, and the other characteristics.

yellow truck on road during daytime

There are both new and used trailers. The latest ones have more reasonable prices but they are not less efficient. They are available at the Global Trailer Center (the largest dealer in Europe). You can also know more information about the used loaders from the representatives of the company. They can advise you the best suitable option for you. Hundreds of owners have already managed to find their vehicles there. There is also a delivery option at the GTC, which is an additional advantage.

The new models of Nooteboom trailers are always advantageous. They are:

  • user-friendly
  • easy to operate
  • reliable
  • cost-effective.

The manufacturer applies the advanced technologies and methods to create competitive vehicles. On the website, you can find out more information about all the models available.

Nooteboom: general information

Nooteboom is a well-known company, which has a leading position in the abnormal transport sector. The vehicles designed by this company are always top-quality and safe. The application of new methods allows making them not just sturdy but also very maneuverable. Thanks to Nooteboom, the transportations of heavy equipment became easy and comfortable.

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The firm has the great experience and takes part in all the international events organized for the representatives of the field. An impressive number of awards and excellent reputation of Nooteboom allow them preserving their leading position on the European market.