Meet the modernization – the new trailers with 300,000 km tires lifetime

Nooteboom’s a worldwide known firm, which is famous for its direction to the improvements and innovations. They develop the high-quality, maneuverable, reliable, and safe trailers for the abnormal transportation sector applying the advanced technologies. Among the vehicles made by Nooteboom, there’re:

  • cranes
  • tractors
  • semi low-loaders
  • drawbar trailers, and plenty of other vehicles.

Multidolly’s one of the latest contributions of the organization to the development of the sphere, which allows making the heavy-duty load transport more comfortable.

red truck on road during daytime

Multidolly: the next generation of Nooteboom trailers

The risks of overloading have always been quite high when it concerns the transporters with over than 7 axles. Such situation motivated Nooteboom to create a solution. The generation of MANOOVR MPL vehicles can now be easily extended by means of Nooteboom’s Multidolly. It should be located at the front in order to optimize the distribution of the weight and increase the load capacity.

The innovation is considered to be the best alternative for any modular trailers. There are several reasons for such opinion:

  • the ease of operation
  • the extendable load floor (either double or single)
  • low dead weight
  • adjustable steering
  • the possibility to apply an enlargement beam.

Besides, the coupling process is also simple and takes little time. Thanks to the impressive steering angle, the maneuverability of the vehicle is quite high despite its enormous size and weight. The manufacturer did not add any vulnerable elements to the construction, thus, Multidolly is safe, durable, and sturdy.

Let’s observe the technical features of the product:

  • MAX steering angle: 70 degrees
  • kind of suspension: hydro-pneumatic (with rising and lowering option)
  • the variation of axles/number: pendle/2-3
  • stroke: 500 mm
  • the distance between the axles: 1,510 mm
  • possible axle load: 12 tonnes/axle (with the speed of 80 km/h).
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Besides the beam, the stake pockets and lashing eyes are obligatory components of the standard packaging of the machinery under consideration.