Transportation in Portugal by UTC transport


Major freight in the large port of Sines was carried out on the territory of Portugal. Let’s learn more about the history and possibilities of this place, as well as about the features of the last traffic. In total, six large trucks of UTC transport were transported; each had a weight of 52 tons.

About port Sines: UTC media city


The seaport of Sines is located on the Atlantic coast near the Cape Sines of the same name in Portugal.

The main characteristics of the port of Sines are:

  • geographical position – 37° 57′00″ w.s. 8° 51′00″ h.d.
  • population – 13.6 thousand people
  • area – 199 square kilometers
  • the climate is Mediterranean with an average annual temperature of 16 degrees
  • height above sea level – 10 m.

Sines is the only port in the country capable of receiving large-tonnage vessels with a draft of more than 22 thousand tons. The main products of the import of the port are oil, coal, liquid fuel. Agricultural products, petroleum products, and metallurgical products are exported to Europe and Asia through Sines. On average, more than 2,000 vessels of various classes pass through the port a year, with a total cargo turnover of 21 million tons of cargo, most of which falls on coal, chemicals, and fuel. The largest fuel power plants are concentrated in Sines.

The port authorities are modernizing it, which is aimed at prompt processing of containers of various sizes, as well as the construction of a new large berth, 300 m long, and coal loading and unloading lines.

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The urban part of the area

Sines, in the past a small fishing village, today is a huge port with a terminal for tankers. Probably, the birthplace of the legendary Vasco da Gama. The church is a monument to the great navigator. The industrial zone in Sines was built in the 1970s. At the same time, an oil pipeline was laid between the refinery and the port. From time immemorial, the cape of Saint Vincent is the starting point for trips across the Atlantic. Today, the path has the most modern lighthouse in Europe. It is visible from a distance of almost 100 kilometers. At the lighthouse, there is only one minister. 60 meters below, are the waves of the Atlantic beating on the rocks with a roar. Stony meadows grow on stony soil that cannot be reached by gusts of wind. Snails crawling here and there along the stalks – they are one of the delicacies of Portuguese cuisine.