Successful transportation of large-sized ace yacht to India by the company

The company has transported a large yacht from Georgia to India (from Savannah to Mumbai cities). Given the size of the ship, it was not easy and it was a real victory for the yacht ace specialists.

For many yachtsmen and for Savannah yacht owner as well, the transportation of yachts and boats is carried out in a traditional way, on the upper deck of a cargo ship. But this method of transporting yachts is not very popular because of not high reliability, as the slightest resistance to wind can be critical for a yacht.

Specialization of the company

white yacht on body of water

For more than 10 years, the company has been a leading company engaged in transportation, including yachts and boats. The company owns a specially built semi-submerged transport vessel “Yacht Express”, which performs the transportation of yachts between the main ports of the world. Representatives of the company provide individual service in planning the transportation of yachts, taking into account the destination the client needs. Since the first flight in 1987, Dockwise Yacht Transport company has transported more than 12,000 motor and sailing yachts to various parts of the world. The exclusive semi-submersible vessel “Yacht Express”, 209 meters long, is specially adapted for the carriage of yachts, enabling customers deliver their boat anywhere safely and without special difficulties.


Unlike a typical vessel, the semi-submersing transport vessel “Yacht Express” has a unique design that allows it to sink underwater to a depth of up to 13 m. This feature helps bring the transported yacht on board without any damage. But this pleasure is not cheap: the cost of transporting a yacht, for example, from the port of Genoa, Italy to the port of Everglades, Florida, is 130,000 US dollars. Immerse, position, and deliver a yacht is not an easy task, considering the multimillion-dollar value of each.

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Planning and practical placement of a semi-submersible vessel on a deck having the size of 14 tennis fields is handled by a loading specialist. The paramount task is the correct location of yachts and boats depending on their size and weight. If the weight is not properly distributed on the board, the captain will have difficulty managing the open sea. This team is assisted by a computer to consider all parameters of vessels to place them on the deck. After that, the scheme of the location is transferred to the loading specialist, who then loads small vessels on the board.