Transportation of a self-elevating vessel “Goliath” by the forces of Kang Sheng

The self-elevating vessel “Goliath” with dimensions 4.95 x 12 of the DEME group went to China to participate in the first Chinese project of a marine wind farm.

The self-lifting vessel DEME Goliath (4.95 x 2) on May 30, 2017, departed from the port of Vlissingen (Netherlands) to China, where after retrofitting it will fulfill the contract in the framework of China’s first marine power park construction project, as the press service of the Belgian group informs.

two blue and white boat parked during daytime

In this project, DEME cooperates with the largest shipping company COSCO Shipping through a joint venture. Last week, the LNG office was officially opened in Guangzhou.

The vessel equipped with a dynamic positioning system DP2 was loaded aboard of the semicircular vessel COSCO Shipping for the sea transportation of super heavy cargoes Kang Sheng Kou. The vessel will be delivered to the COSCO shipyard near Shanghai, which will install additional equipment necessary to fulfill the contract. Then the ship will go to the sea wind park off the East coast of China.

Prospects for the development

The development of offshore wind power is carried out in accordance with the strategy of the Chinese leadership on the development of renewable energy sources. These projects are included in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Social and Economic Development, adopted by the central government of China. The country plans a significant increase in capacity by 2020, which will generate marine wind farms in China.

A major international dredging contractor, the Belgian group of companies DEME was established in April 1991. The founders of DEME are Ackermans & van Haaren (1852), the group CFE (France) and the state company GIMV (Belgium). The parent company of the DEME Group is Dredging International N.V. The company, which owns a modern specialized fleet and equipment, carries out large international contracts for dredging and construction of artificial territories. DEME Group also implements hydro technical projects, provides services for oil and gas companies, monitors marine wind farms, participates in environmental projects and cleansing water areas from parts of wrecks. The number of all personnel of the DEME group is 4.6 thousand people.

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