Transportation of goods, including cars, from the company Wolfe house and building movers

Car transportation

A very large passenger car with a capacity of 78 seats was successfully transported over the distance in the state of Pennsylvania by Wolfe house and building movers. The Wolfe Movers named the transportation quite difficult, as the state roads in the cities near Gettysburg PA were not designed for such manipulations. But the House Movers in PA (USA Movers) was able to successfully complete this task.

How to transport a house

blue and red cargo containers

Car transporter – a special vehicle for the transport of cars. Benefits:

  • the ability to deliver cars “door to door”, i.e. transportation geography is limited only by the presence of a solid ground cover
  • fast loading and unloading. The design of the vehicle is specifically designed for the arrival of cars
  • satisfactory delivery time. On average, an auto transporter passes about 500 km in a day if the driver does not violate the mode of work and rest
  • reliable and convenient way to mount cars on platforms with special belts and hatchbacks
  • professional staff. The driver of an auto transporter is not only a long-distance truck driver but also a narrow profile specialist who has undergone special training on auto transporters
  • the capacity of the auto transporter is slightly lower than the car carrier, but significantly higher than that of a classic truck.

Railway transportation is carried out in special two-tier cars of open or closed type. The capacity of the car is 8-10 cars on average. In professional automobile logistics, wagons are effectively used to transport car lots over a distance of more than 2,000 km, the farther away the more profitable. This is due to the cost of loading and unloading work performed on platforms (terminals) equipped with special ramps. If the car is new, then performing a “door-to-door” delivery of the client, it is necessary to use the auto transporter for delivery to and from the terminal. Therefore, car carriers are more often used by large companies to transport regular lots of cars. For a private client, sending one car is possible only with a collective lot. It takes a lot of time to assemble a full carriage of cars. Therefore, a minus of such a method is a rather long delivery time.

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Shipping in a container is quite a reliable way to transport. But it has a number of disadvantages:

  • the long delivery time associated with the terminal processing of the container at the railway stations and on the way
  • the high cost of transportation consists of the cost or lease of the container, railway tariff, railway station services, and road transport
  • labor-intensive mounting of the car inside the container, depending on the human factor.