Specialized heavy transport and transportation of oversized cargoes

red and blue cargo ship on body of water during daytime

Over dimensional transportation is a great challenge of the international scale. When carried out on roads, it wears coverage faster (thus, is charged by higher rates), and can cause multiple hazardous situations, requiring proficiency and detailed planning before the start of any project.

Despite the fact that this term is very widely used, the definition of oversized cargo is obscure, and is determined by specific regulations by the criteria listed below:

  1. Size of the items;
  2. their weight;
  3. space secured on the transport;
  4. effect on the covering.

Another important criterion is the shape of the moved items for it causes effect on physical performance of the vehicle, such as stability and aerodynamic properties.

Non-normative road vehicles usually are involved in projects on transportation:

  • Windmills;
  • steel bars and structures;
  • machine parts;
  • houses (panels and units);

In case of shipping of oversized cargoes by road, it is qualified so if its parameters are bigger than the size of transport, the maximal parameters of which are prescribed by regulation acts. In other cases oversized objects are determined as such if they exceed the maximal axial load of the vehicle. It basically means that in case of road transportation the concept of oversized vehicles sounds more correct than oversized cargoes.

Thus, road regulations concern non-normative vehicles – these are vehicles, which exceed maximal afforded size or weight. Exact numbers have to be checked in normative acts, but usually the length of the vehicle is limited by 12 meters for regular cars and trailers, 16.5 meters for articulated means, and 18.75 meters for road trains. The width of the vehicle is limited by 2.55-2.60 meters, and the height must not exceed 4 meters. Maximal load is limited by 40-44 tons total for specialized heavy transport.

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