Find out what a mega trailer is and what it is capable

Transportation services are very much in demand these days, and who have already come across this, knows such a concept as transportation of “oversized” cargoes. Special-purpose machinery, miscellaneous agricultural and construction equipment, heavy cargoes, yachts, long cargoes are only partially listed examples of oversized cargoes. Nevertheless, even these goods have ceased to be a problem for most transport companies. The only thing that remains to be mentioned is that today transportation of oversized cargo has become both more profitable and faster.

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“Faster and cheaper” are good words for every client and project manager but what is behind them? Sliding semi-trailer-heavy vehicle with low platform Nooteboom МСО-109-07V (V) – this means provides everything for delivering cargoes but it’s not a simple semitrailer because its capabilities are simply shocking – load capacity is up to 120 tons and the ability to increase its length is up to 20 meters! The Dutch firm Nooteboom Trailers B. V became the parent of this much-needed brainchild.

Mega trailers

It is known that clients are rarely interested in the manufacturers of equipment, through which the transportation of oversized cargoes is performed. For those who are dealing with this problem for the first time, the name “Nooteboom” can mean nothing. Mega trailer (Nooteboom Trailers B. V.) is one of the five companies of a large holding company, Nooteboom Group. “Royal Trailers” occupy a leading place in Europe among designers and manufacturers of vehicles for the transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes. The carrying capacity of individual types of mega trailers ranges from 20 to 1,000 tons, which cannot but surprise. Transportation of any oversized cargo for many companies ceases to be a challenge since this equipment supplier will always be able to offer from its huge range of such transport that can satisfy any requests.

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The unique technology gives a guarantee on the quality of transportation. In terms of experience with them, it is worth noting that the best quality of metal and each weld combined with the competent construction of this trailer makes it the best in its class and still very reliable!