Latest news from the solar fields: Triumph engineering group has concluded an agreement with Myanmar

The Chinese company has officially signed a contract with Myanmar. The reason for the conclusion of the agreement was the intention to use Myanmar as the world’s first source for growing solar energy plants. The size of the project is really amazing: the Triumph engineering group has high hopes for this project and is ready to expand the boundaries in the long term.

The largest green earth solar project

aerial photography of grass field with blue solar panels

China is actively continuing to search for major sources. Each new project of the company is larger than the previous one. A colossal plant of 220 megawatts is located in Minbu. To date, this is the largest project in the whole of South-East Asia. The data were confirmed by the Chinese company Triumph engineering group, it happened on August 5.

Support for solar plant project

CTIEC was chosen as the main mediator. At the moment the project has four anticipated phases, work is planned on the front of green earth solar energy from Thailand, and also with the support of the Ministry of Electricity of Myanmar.

As for the specifics and nuances in signing the contract, both sides discussed the future cooperation productively. It concerns the receipt of new sources of energy, as well as building materials.

It should be noted that in recent years CTIEC has worked diligently on similar projects. The solar plant project has already been launched in Thailand, in Japan, Italy, and the UK. In England, six solar farms are operating successfully, large enough and profitable. The most impressive among them are Swindon and Shotwick. Given the size of the project and the speed of its growth, analysts predict the success of the company to enlarge in the nearest feature.

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