Learn more about the extendable trailer and its abilities

Since December 29, 2017, the world has increased the number of roads for such transport as the extendable trailer of 18 and 25 meters in road length. The road network for such vehicles includes already 15 of the 16 federal states. This will save you money due to fewer passes with the same amount of goods, and will help protect the environment.

From the beginning of 2017, extendable trucks can only be moved on roads identified by the Ministry of Transport. Their list is constantly updated. Individual lands constantly check the requirements on the roads of interested companies in terms of their suitability and report them to the federal government. On this basis, the Ministry of Transport makes changes and publishes them in an appropriate resolution.

red and white freight truck

The Federal Institute for Highway Research after testing allowed a movement of a loaded trailer of type 2 (total length 25.25 m). They can also move along the routes defined by the Ministry of Transport (a complete list of routes is available for long trucks).

Limitations on the weight of vehicles remain unchanged. The permissible total mass of long trucks cannot exceed 40 tons or 44 tons in combined transport.

What advantages long trucks give?

In the autumn of 2016, the Federal Institute for Highway Research published a report after testing with the participation of long trucks. Here are its main conclusions:

  • two routes for long distances replace three passes with conventional trucks
  • fuel economy ranges from 15 to 25 percent
  • the cost of maintaining the infrastructure is lower
  • emissions of exhaust gases are lesser.
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On the other hand, last year another report came out, which proves that large trucks do not emit less exhaust gas at all. In any case, their use is advisable, since it does not cause harm. At the same time, such trucks allow transportation of large loads, which is very convenient and represents an impressive percentage of the profits of many companies specializing in this industry.