Trust in Chinese but Rely on Yourself

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Belarus keeps on with modernization of its power system by means of Chinese credits, Chinese experts and Chinese equipment. The latest example is construction and installation activities at CCGT-400 of Berezovskaya and Lukomlskaya GRES. 85% of the works are financed by a preferential buyer’s credit from the Export-Import Bank of China (EximBank). Total value of credits is USD 634 million.

The mentioned projects are being implemented together with СМЕС (China) which has already started massive supply of equipment from Celestial Empire, adding up to involvement of Lithuanian and Polish carriers. Starting from July 2012 until January 2013, YURTRANSA (Klaipeda) was working with all hands on deck, shipping the units for these Belarusian power plants.

YurTransa acted as a general forwarder for the whole project in Klaipeda Port, where 10 vessels were discharged within seven months. Total number of freight tons exceeded 88,000 (23,000 metric tons). Over a thousand of vehicles were loaded, including oversize and overweight pieces. YurTransa arranged trucking of 32 heavy modules weighing from 102 to 124 tons, 16 modules weighing 65-67 tons, as well as two 137-ton pieces. Average weight of a laden bulky vehicle was about 187 tons. Round trips of three out-of-gauge combinations were carried out on a weekly basis within 12 weeks in a row. The distance from Klaipeda to installation sites was as follows: about 800 kilometers to Novolukoml and about 1,100 kilometers to Berezovskaya GRES.

Construction of two CCGT-400 packages at Lukomlskaya and Berezovskaya GRES with decommissioning of non-efficient equipment is covered by the strategy of Belarus energy potential development, intended to be applicable by the end of 2020. Due to projects implementation, the configuration of generation equipment will be renewed, and overall efficiency of the power plants increased.

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Only one issue remains open – quality of Chinese-made equipment. This issue has its point if we consider that the opposition mass media and bloggers of Belarus are spreading information about a mysterious explosion at Minsk CHP-5, where a Chinese turbine has been recently installed. The authorities refute this information speaking either about simple combustion or planned repairs…