Learn more about ultra heavy moves and transportation rules

Heavy moves shipping in China

China will build two Arctic ships capable of carrying super-heavy oversized cargo for intermountain rigging and heavy haul. The corresponding order for the Chinese shipyard COSCO Dalian Shipyard Co was placed by the Dutch company BigRoll Shipping. Built ships will be able to carry ultra heavy oversized cargo of modular type in Florida ultimate heavy hauling.

BIGROLL Construction of ships should be completed in May 2015 on GE plant Pensacola, and in the case of successful implementation of the order, the company Brewton paper mill is ready to place another order for the construction of two similar transport ships.

The built vessels will be classified as MC GE Pensacola plant and will have ice level 1A according to the Swedish-Finnish classification. The MS class is designed with a focus on the reliability of transportation of heavy goods, as well as the short time of their loading and unloading. In addition, ships will have second-level dynamic positioning systems.

Transportation of super heavy loads

red and white truck on road during daytime

The formation of super heavy cargo for shipment takes place where the customer’s cargo is located. For loading heavy equipment or devices, we can organize lifting work, accurately and correctly placing the load on the vehicle.

During loading operations, high capacity loaders and cranes are used to ensure the safety of loading and further transportation operations.

For fixing the cargo on automotive platforms, special fasteners are used in the form of cables, chains, and other equipment. In order for the cargo not to move on the platform during the transportation, the speed limit is observed, and special equipment of the automobile platform in the form of a surface with the anti-slip coating is used.

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Extra heavy loads can be transported on a car platform, low loader or special semi-trailer.

In the first case, it is required to make sure that the cargo can be transported without observing special conditions of transportation and storage. In the second case, to protect the cargo from atmospheric factors, an awning or polyethylene is used, which covers the cargo over the entire area.

Most often, the transportation of cargo on open platforms is used to transport large-size machinery and equipment. The cargo moves along the route agreed with the customer: if necessary, the sender and recipient can receive information on the location of the cargo and its condition at any time using the services offered by the transport company.