Meet ultra-long OVB TELESTEP trailers created by Nooteboom

The trailers under discussion are developed by Nooteboom for the transportation of various long loads, such as:

  • blades
  • steel constructions
  • tower parts, etc.

As for the construction of the creation, the vehicles are equipped with the little tire wear, which makes the maintenance cost lower, and a gooseneck. The height of the load floor is approximately 120 cm. Compared to the rest of the trailers of the category, such figures are very small.

The trailer is extendable. Depending on the variation, the extension can be either triple or quadruple. The largest possible length of the floor totals up to 55 m (when extended). What concerns the other advantages, they include:

  • minimal sagging (thanks to the slightly arched chassis in the unloaded position)
  • good ground clearance
  • ease of operation and maneuverability (because of the large steering angle and hydraulic steering).

There is also an extra landing leg, which is located underneath the load floor. By means of it, the processes of extension and retraction become easier.

The machinery is very high quality with the durable conservation and finish. The chassis is zinc-coated.

OVB TELESTEP: versions and packaging

There are several possible versions of the trailers described. There can be a different number of axles and various extension options. The package might include the BALLAST TRAILER (a fixed load floor).

Consider the possible characteristics of the transporter:

  • number of axles: 3-5
  • fifth wheel load: 18/25 tonnes
  • load floor extension: 48/55 m (triple)/55 m (quadruple)
  • MAX axle load: 10 tonnes/axle
  • the distance between the axles: 1,810 mm.

Choosing a standard packaging of OVB TELESTEP trailer, the customers can get lashing eyes, manual steering, and stake pockets. All other features are optional. The package can be changed according to the requirements of the customers. Such opportunities make the transporter a perfect choice for the long loads move. It is reliable, safe, and comfortable for the drivers.

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