Unparalleled Logistics…

selective focus photography of brown boxes on gray shelf

We kindly bring to your attention the photo report of LSEG company highlighting transportation of 48 waste heat exchangers weighing 73 tons and more than 12 meters long each, from the yards in Vorkuta to the offsite warehouse of Yarynskaya CS-2 (main gas pipeline system Bovanenkovo – Ukhta). Overall transport geography – Yamal Nenets Autonomous District. One-way route length – 253 km. Average speed of the convoy – 5 km/h.

Not every logistics company is capable of transporting such a critical huge load, especially given extreme climatic conditions of the High North. The haul combination was moving across the permafrost territory with nothing around but endless snow, blizzards and ice-covered passes. High capacity Caterpillar dozers weighing about 30 tons made sure the convoy passage was safe. Each truck hauling the exchanger was lashed to bulldozers from both sides. One of them assisted in pulling the heavy item uphill, and another one was neatly letting it downhill. Like this, slowly and very carefully, the combination travelled all 253 km.
Thanks to professional and concerted efforts of the team, as well as refinement of all technical activities, it took just 10 days to complete this transportation.

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