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Our website offers a notification service, which will let you know about the most exciting news for you and your business. We are sorry if you want to unsubscribe from us. However, we are going to tell you about the procedure.

To unsubscribe from our letters, it is necessary to click on a corresponding link in one of our emails sent to you. Then you will be redirected to a special webpage, where a certain question will be waiting for you. We would like to know the reason you want to unsubscribe. It is either:

  • the excessive frequency of the letters
  • the absence of relevant information in the letters.

Sometimes the users do not remember how they subscribed to the notifications. If you have the other reason, you can also write it in a special field. Then we just need to check you are not a robot, and that’s all. We are always sorry to see you go. As soon as you complete the procedure, you will automatically leave our mailing list and never get any of other emails from us again.

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When you unsubscribe, you will still have full access to our resource and the opportunity to read the articles you want. No limitations will be applied.

What interesting news can you find in our emails?

You will definitely regret if you unsubscribe, as you will lose a priority to know the latest news. Our newsletters are full of hot facts and details from the transportation industry of today. They contain the information concerning:

  • famous companies of the abnormal transport sector
  • history of the development of the transporters’ manufacturers
  • the results of the tests and research works
  • the latest developments of the manufacturers of heavy transporters
  • the most interesting events of the industry
  • awards and nominations for the companies of the industry
  • new deals and contracts between the companies, etc.
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We give only full, truthful, and the most relevant information on the subjects described. The users can always select what they are more interested in.

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