Fortum is Upgrading Chelyabinsk GRES

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OAO Fortum delivered the core equipment of gas turbines for two 247.5-MW power units to Chelyabinsk GRES. The entire set of equipment for implementation of investment project on construction of new power capacities at ChGRES was duly contracted and is under fabrication at the works of international group Alstom.

“This kind of power equipment will be implemented in Russia for the first time. The units are characterized by high efficiency of fuel utilization. The cycle efficiency will exceed 48%, specific fuel consumption for power generation is reduced by 40% in comparison with ChGRES operating equipment,” says Aleksei Doronin, OAO Fortum Vice-President and CEO for the Urals region.

Total weight of equipment delivered to ChGRES is about 2,400 tons. Out-of-gauge components of gas turbines, including rotors, were carried by haul rigs. The generators were transported by rail. The items are unloaded on a specially arranged site.

The GT13E2 class turbines were supplied from Germany, the 177.1-MW generators – from Poland, rotors – from Switzerland. Within the next few months, it is planned to deliver waste-heat boilers with a steam rate of 360 t/h from Portugal to Chelyabinsk GRES site. Also expected are two steam turbines DKZT1-1N33 and 70.4-MW generators from Poland, as well as Russian-produced package transformers from the city of Togliatti.

Rehabilitation of Chelyabinsk GRES will allow to fully waive use of coal fuel, and productive capacity of the plant will increase by almost 10 times which will reduce dependence of the region on external power supplies. Chelyabinsk GRES is the first condensation thermal power plant in the South Urals and the sole heat supply source for Chelyabinsk. It was commissioned in 1930 as per GOELRO plan.

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