When to use the low loader transport

There are many situations in production when it is required to transport goods of a special category. As a rule, these are large, non-standard cargoes in form, which is characterized as oversized. In these difficult situations, it is usually impossible to do without professional equipment, in particular, a need to buy low-loader transport.

High-quality modern-production trailers trawl has an ideal load-carrying capacity, it is an ideal means of moving loads, as there are high reliability and strength indicators. The technology of such a plan has special mechanisms that are designed to effectively secure the transported objects.


There are many advantages of such equipment as a low-bed semi-trailer. Among them, one can note the complete absence of such a part as the body, which is replaced by a very low-lying special platform. This is done because the size of the cargo carried can seriously exceed the parameters of the cabin itself. If you buy a trawl, you can be surprised by the possibilities of such equipment, as there is simply no tangible limit. The main specificity of this equipment is based on the provision of the ability to transport a variety of equipment, machines, and other large items.

Options and Appearance

The low-load trailer in itself does not have a serious weight, but its load-carrying capacity is able to impress everyone. It is for this reason the machines of such a plan are highly productive and capable of withstanding sufficiently serious loads. Low-frame devices have special subdivisions for the types of cargo that is transported, as well as by the parameters of carrying.

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Semi-trailer heavy-duty truck is a fairly complex device, which has different levels of modification. Semi-trailers are transported by special machines-tractors. On their frame there are special couplings and supports, special saddles, which consist of a quality mechanism and a base plate. A certain part of the weight is transferred to the car that carries it. As soon as the semitrailer is uncoupled from the leading tractor, it firmly rises in place with the help of special stops. Modifications are also presented in variety, they differ in their design, technical and performance characteristics.