Erickson aviation announces intention to cooperate with Peru and Amazon

Erickson aviation reported that they are going to act as a supplier for the installation of oil and gas equipment in the Amazon and Peru. For this, helicopters will be used, which work on behalf of the energy company from Argentina.

Erickson Crane Service is going to use heavy aircraft that will be able to provide ongoing support throughout the project. In this case, the aircraft is planned to be used for the delivery of equipment, as well as other sufficiently weighty cargo, for long distances and in not the mildest conditions.

Feedback from the Erickson Crane Service

airplane flying over the city during sunset

The company said that it would be a real honor to provide equipment in this market for them, since with great competition, it is important for them to remain competitive. The contract, which was concluded, is a kind of guarantor of relations with customers, according to the CEO of Erickson.

As for the real capabilities of the equipment, the fly crane helicopter is capable of lifting loads up to 10 tons. It is often used to support construction, as well as for logging, extinguishing fires and installing on the roof.

Please note that the partner company is a subsidiary of the Argentine group of companies. The main company is engaged in the exploration and production of gas and oil, and, in addition, is constantly developing projects for the generation of electricity.

Erickson is also involved in the maintenance of aircraft, in the service of duty they work in the most difficult places and conditions. The company’s headquarters are located in the US, Oregon, and the main specialization of the company is the production of safe equipment, as well as commercial type services. These include:

  • extinguishing fires
  • ventilation
  • building
  • work with wood
  • oil and gas lifting, etc.
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