Nooteboom presents the vehicles for the megablades transportation

Lots of operators have always faced a question: “How to transport the windmills?” The company, which started to make transporters in 1979, found a solution for it. After the steel windmill invention, Nooteboom understood that the problem with their move was so sharp that the creation of special trailers was indispensable.

The vehicle got the name of Mega Windmill transporter. The trailer was developed especially for the windmill tower sections & nacelles of large windmill installations (up to 3 Megawatt) or the used windmill parts. The size and capacity of the machinery allow transporting the windmills of various dimensions.

red and white cargo ship on sea during daytime

The vehicles have lots of advantages, such as:

  • maneuverability
  • low running costs
  • high load capacity.

For the transportation of windmill tower parts, the vehicle is equipped with 2 hydraulically extendible lift-adapters. They allow optimizing the windmill weight distribution during the transportations (a quite valuable advantage). Thus, the load floor is not required at all. The machinery is usually combined with Jeepdolly with 3 or 4 axles and the NLD self-steering dolly with 7 axles. Thus, the transporter consists of 3 trailers with up to 11 axles.

Consider the other characteristics of the vehicles:

  • lift adapter set capacity: 100 tonnes
  • steering angle: 80 degrees
  • the lift adapters length: adjustable
  • dead weight: up to 35 tonnes.

The windmill parts can be loaded/unloaded without the application of the cranes. It also adds to the costs decrease.

General information about Nooteboom

The manufacturer takes a leading position in the abnormal transport industry. The company produces the top-quality products for over-dimensional and heavy-duty loads transportation. Nooteboom made an important contribution to the development of the transportation sphere (it especially concerns the windmills move).

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Today they continue working on making even more maneuverable, safe, efficient, and reliable vehicles for the heavy transportations using innovative technologies and their great experience.